Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Links

I thought it would be a good idea to post links to some of my articles that I've published around the Internet while I get this site up and running.

  1. Oliver Stone: Natural Born Filmmaker Pt. 1 I wrote this article leading up to the release of the underrated World Trade Center. I had started out by watching one Oliver Stone-dierected movie a day. I somehow found myslef writing, and eventually wound up with over 6,000 words on the first half of Stone's filmography. (I hope to finish the second part of the article by the time W opens.)

  2. Music of The Sopranos My appreciation of music grew out of my love of movies. There's something transporting when the right piece of music is matched with the right scene or image. This rarely happened on television. That all changed after The Sopranos. This current Golden Age of Television can be traced back to one date: January 10th, 1999. From that day forward television would no longer be intimidated by the movies. (Sometimes it looks as TV is what sustains moviegoers when the movies don't fulfill their promise.)

  3. "On Broadway" and Bob Fosse's All That Jazz I wrote this in conjunction with a Bob Fosse retrospective that took place at the Film Society of Lincoln Center over the New Year's holiday. It's a consideration of one of my all-time favorite opening sequences--the chorus line auditions for Joe Gideon's latest Broadway show. I could've written about many things regarding Fosse and All That Jazz, but I decided to focus on a sequence that I feel best captures what made Fosse one of the greatest filmmakers of the last 50 years.


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